Aaliyah Colllection (TS3)

Aaliyah Collection
Today complete 16 years without the singer, actress, model, icon Aaliyah. I could not be more sad to live in a world without her talent, she done so much, touched so many in such a short time. Aaliyah will live trought her timeless music forever. I’d like to give this tribute for the R&B/POP princess, the original babygirl Aaliyah Dana Haughton. You’ll be forever missed.
Credits: @kurasoberina♥ / @gramssims
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Recolorable
  • HQ Textures
  • May clip with some poses
  • 18 Items
  • Already Compressed, read to install.

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Chained Jeans: DOWNLOAD

Are You That Somebody
Top Belly Chain: DOWNLOAD
Baggy Pants: DOWNLOAD

Hot Like Fire
Baggy Pants
Necklace: DOWNLOAD

Tommy Hilfiger
Baggy Pants
Necklace: DOWNLOAD

More Than A Woman #1
Chanel Suit: DOWNLOAD
Roc' A Necklace: DOWNLOAD
Earrings: DOWNLOAD

More Than A Woman #2
Lace Up Pants: DOWNLOAD
Roc' A Necklace 

If You Girl Only Knew
Lace Up CropTop: DOWNLOAD
Baggy Pants

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
Hoodie And Vest: DOWNLOAD

Aaliyah Limited
Gucci Sunglasses: DOWNLOAD

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