All The Stars Collection

  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Custom Shadow Map
  • Custom Specular
  • All LODs
  • High/Medium Poly
  • HQ Textures
  • HQ Mod Compatible
  • May have some clipping issues, sorry about it.
  • I highly recommend medium size breast so it's doesn't look distorted
  • Enjoy!

Be aware2 adflylinks, please make sure to have adblock + antivirus enabled on your computer. Thanks for support!  Vittler x 

Attention: Some items are high poly, make sure in sims 4 studio before decide to put in your molds folder. I do not get any responsibility in further errors.

In case of missing items:
  1. Make sure your game is update 
  2. Set your game to very high (So the game can load the Leve of Detail 0)
  3. Check your mold folder with Mod Conflict detector to see if any other cc ins conflicting with mine.
  4. In after these steps still didn't work, try to download again in case of corrupct cc.
  5. Contact on my tumblr.

1. Cheryl Dress                 DOWNLOAD
2. Bebe Jumpsuit               DOWNLOAD
3. Evol Dress                    DOWNLOAD
4. Sucre Dress                    DOWNLOAD
5. Lucky Dress                 DOWNLOAD
6. Cool Mom Dress          DOWNLOAD
7. Queen Earrings           DOWNLOAD
8. Ciao Earrings                DOWNLOAD
9. Bloom Choker               DOWNLOAD
10. Minogue Heels            DOWNLOAD
11. Uni Nail Gloves           DOWNLOAD

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