Denim Everthing Collection (TS4)

  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Custom Shadow Map
  • HQ Textures
  • HQ Mod Compatible
  • Pictures Taken with HQ Mod
  • May have some clipping issues, sorry about it.
  • I highly recommend medium size breast so it's doesn't look distorted
  • Jackets can be find in hats, panties in socks. Everything else as accessory, top, bottoms and outfits. You can play with the pieces and create your own custom look.
  • Enjoy!

Be aware: 2 adflylinks, please make sure to have adblock + antivirus enabled on your computer. Thanks for support!  Vittler x 

1. Chyna Denim Dress                       DOWNLOAD
2. Fly Denim Jacket                                 DOWNLOAD
3. Angel Denim Jacket                        DOWNLOAD
4. SpotKight Denim Jeans                     DOWNLOAD
5. Flow Denim Jeans                           DOWNLOAD
6. SpotKight Denim Jeans V2              DOWNLOAD
7. Heartbreaker Denim Shorts              DOWNLOAD
8. Fantasy Denim Top                             DOWNLOAD
9. Babie Denim Shorts                             DOWNLOAD
10. SellFish CropTop&Pantie           DOWNLOAD
11. Farrah Bomb Jacket                           DOWNLOAD
12. Riri Denim Skirt                                  DOWNLOAD
13. Holy Bodysuit                                     DOWNLOAD
14. Nipplegate Shirt                             DOWNLOAD
15. Freez Tied Shirt                              DOWNLOAD
16. Dope Choker                                  DOWNLOAD

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13 comentários

  1. I absolutely loved that all, btw, where do i get this transparent boots ?

    1. Thank you! The boots are Patreon Gift.

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  2. tengo un problema con los recortes Farrah Bomb Jacket, Camiseta Nipplegate , Falda vaquera Riri help

    1. ¡Hola! Asegúrese de que su juego está actualizado y el nivel de detalle de los Sims está en ALTO, gracias.

  3. Very cute set, but where can I find the laced up heels

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  6. HIII i love your content but when i download it my sims cant wear them help pls

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