TOU/FAQin' Hell


You Can't:

Convert without my permission
Re-Upload (Please don't)
Re-Upload Sims3Planet
Do not include my creation in your shared sims/files. 
Claim as your own
Incluide the mesh

You Can:

Retexture/ Recolor (with proper credits)
Convert/edit for personal use.

FAQin' Hell

Q: Which programs do you use to create cc?
A : Marvelous Designer, Blende, Maya, Milkshape and TSR Workshop.

Q: Can you create tutorial videos?
A: At the moment, no. I long for in the future.

Q: Can you upload ''X'' sim?
A: I won't be sharing my models, sorry.

Q: Will you share your model skins?
A: Sadly no, i'd like to keep them private to keep my babies unique.

Q: Why do you use adfly \ Patreon?
A: To help me keep my 3D Job Regular, and support my work.

Q: Do you take Requests?
A: I take suggestions, If i like i'll create it

Q: Do you have social media?
A: Besides my ''Simmer'' accounts, I don't use any.

Any other question, feel free to contact me on my Tumblr